Mulch supply in Darwin

Area Contracting produce and sell a wide variety of mulch at competitive prices. Get in contact with our friendly team to discuss availability and delivery options.

Using mulch during landscaping can have a variety of protective benefits for your garden, such as:

  • Weed suppression
  • Soil moisture retention
  • Moderation of soil temperature
  • Visual appeal
  • Types of mulch available include:

    Cypress Hill — Tree services and Landscaping in Darwin

    Palm Mulch

    Palm mulch is the go-to product for the budget-conscious gardener, and those looking to cover large areas of land. What it lacks in aesthetic appeal it makes up for in practicality—perfect for deterring weed growth and maintaining moisture in the soil.

    Forest Mulch — Tree services and Landscaping in Darwin

    Forest Mulch

    Forest mulch is the most popular choice for those wanting to achieve a natural look to their garden while incorporating protective benefits to the soil at the same time. Comprised of a variety of tree types and foliage, forest mulch comes highly recommended by our team of landscaping experts.

    Pure Woodchip — Tree services and Landscaping in Darwin

    Pure Woodchip

    Our pure woodchips are both visually appealing long-lasting, making them a dream choice for DIY gardeners and professional landscapers alike. When you choose pure wood chips you can expect little to no foliage and a great-looking garden for many months. This mulch is always in high demand.

    Cypress Hill — Tree services and Landscaping in Darwin

    Pure Northen Cypress Hill

    Arguably the biggest drawcard for the northern cypress pine is its ability to deter termites. If that wasn’t enough, it looks great, smells great and breaks down slowly. An all-around winner!

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